Day in your life

Everyday is a new day, yes it is. Somehow, it is different for me. As someone who just stays at home, I feel like it is the same thing all over again and again and I know it is boring but this is how and what I am.

Waking up in the morning, organizing everything, eat breakfast, clean the mess inside and outside the house, water my plants then rest for a while. After a long rest, I will head to the bathroom to wash myself. If I am finished, I will be reading posts on Twitter and some emails. After those things, I will check my online lessons for the day and that is how I go to school (online schooling). I will be managing my time for my lessons before lunch.

Alright, so lunch time. Me and my sister will be preparing the food and anything then my family will eat together while we watch our favorite TV show “Eat Bulaga”. As usual after that, we will clean up everything then I will be the one who will wash the dishes.

On afternoon, I sometimes meditate, do tarot card readings whenever I have clients and if I have none then I will take a short nap. I need to rest my eyes from using too much gadgets. After a few hours of nap, I will be starting my studies while eating some snacks. Afternoon is my favorite time of the day because I can do anything what I want besides studying online.

As the sun goes down and the night comes, my family will all be at home and all of us will watch TV shows together then we will have dinner together while having the usual talks about everything that happened on that day. It is fun to be with them and that is why I love them so much.

At night, I do not have skincare routines or anything but soon I will try. So basically I check my friends about how they are doing and if they are alright. After knowing everything I need to know, I will be doing my nightly ritual and it is meditating and praying to God. It makes me feel so at peace with myself before I go to sleep. It is also helpful to me because it grounds me and improves my gifted abilities.

So that is the day in my life. What is your favorite time of the day?

🔮 Tarot reading 🔮

Alright so how it works is I’ll be drawing cards for you depending on the type of reading that you want and I’ll intuitively read the cards.

For the readings, here’s the pricing:

Celtic Cross Spread – PHP50.00 | $3
General Love Reading – PHP50.00 | $3
Yes/No or Daily Tarot – PHP5.00 | $1
Weekly reading – PHP30.00 | $2
Monthly reading – PHP50.00 | $3
Personalized Reading – PHP80.00 | $5

The personalized reading is a tarot reading session where the client could ask plenty of questions regarding his/her problems.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to email me:

Once the reading is finished, you’ll have to pay through any of these: GCash, Paypal, Paymaya and

I hope you have a great day ahead! ✨ God Bless You ✨

The Journey Begins

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